Friday, August 27, 2010

What happened this week - Week 1 in the 30s.

Some extra Birthday week shots:

Mini Breadtop cheesecake Birthday cake. Breadtop why you be so delicious?

LPs and I... late in our Vue de Monde Meal.
A must- post as we have so few pics together.
I am wearing the same Alannah Hill top that Maxine McKew wore on here election night cross (where she was scathing of Labour's election preparation)

On Friday night we went out for drinks at Carlton Hotel, followed by Supper Inn.
We got silly with the BYO.
Waiting in the stairwell. Byron being OTT on the facial front.


I share my birthday with my old friend, Mulsh.
We used to have parties together way back when... now it's more a civilised (ish!) dinner.

I don't recall any of these Quadcam pics being taken, but my love of the App means Im going to post a few of them..

Surprise! Fried ice cream with a candle in it.
A few too many BYO


Mulshy chows down... nom nom.

This week's new stuff...

Grey Suede D Co Boots (Right after I swear off grey- haha!)

Aztec style cardigan from Indigo. (I have a credit note and there has not been anything in store that suits for a long, long time!)

More importantly- We capped off the week with an Election!

So we're looking at a Hung Parliament.
LPs, proud as always, of his democratic rights!

FINALLY- it's been a week of rainbows.

Last friday night i drove into this beauty when crossing the Yarra. I can't even remember the last time I saw a rainbow!

Today I walked home - and bang! Another one!
But not only was there a rainbow, there was two! A double rainbow!

So pretty!


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happy birthday to you and cute boots!

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