Sunday, August 15, 2010

Things I did this week

First things first, with my head full of wedding, there's not much else really going on. Oh, hang on, I do turn 30 this week (YIKES!) so this is my last weekend post EVER in my 30s. Yup. Urgh.

Introducing Mr & Mrs Stephens - the wedding toppers! (I remade the old ones I had, I changed the cake design, and decided it needed something cute and traditional) I can't stop laughing when I look at LPs and his flare-like trousers! ahaha. And his curly hair! ahahaha.

This dress is modelled on wedding dress number 3 that I've bought- a sweet white broderie anglaise number from Colette Dinnegan. I believe I may be moving on to dress number 4.. yes, this process has become quite ridiculous indeed. I allow for too many factors. I keep changing my mind. I get distressed. I feel ugly. I feel fat. I feel like there's too much boob action. I can't move. Whatever the case may be- I keep changing my mind! Anyways... having said that, the dinnegan does not look exactly like this dress above (must hold some surprise for LPs)

Will make this part of an arc... or something, or nothing! Not quite sure, but I made some lil clay flowers...

Whilst on the topper theme, packed up my flower girls, they're ready to be demolished by the girls. Scuse the terrible lighting... I've noticed our globes seem to throw a deep yellow light.
Terrible blog lighting!

Little name cards on bolsar wood

We Got personalised wedding stamps made by Australia Post..
I was quite happy when I received them just a couple of days later!

Finished off my wedding invitations. They are packed and ready for postage in the morning.

The envelopes are a pearlescent green. I originally hand made all the enveloped from fabric (these ones are lined with fabric) however I realised that they wern't very post-friendly, very writing-on friendly, very seal-ing friendly- they wern't really good for post full stop.

In other matters, Pulled out this ooooooooold Belinda Fairbanks skirts. Mon Dieu! it's almost entirely see-through! Love the pattern though.

We spent last Saturday afternoon in the city checking out rooftop bars for potential kicking on drinks (not for my 30th, haha, of course it's for the wedding)

I realised I'd never been to the top of the Carlton, the Palmz. I love it- this is it. In fact I loved it so much that I ended up in this condition, buying bad foodstuffs at MacDonalds with LPs. This result = the absolute drunkest of drunk!

Received a Vera Wang dress from Ebay... that was wayyyy too big. Im going to sell it almost as soon as I bought it, but thought I'd post it so I didn't forget it's brief entry into my life.

& I Shopped like a madwoman on asos.
No pics as yet.

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