Saturday, October 31, 2009

etsy necklace

Damnit, why I am i so fickle.. i have already found something else to turn my attentions to...

Semi-precious Amethyst Druzy Necklace Geode 18K gold w/ toggle closure from etsy....

prett-ay cool!

Statement ring..

Inspirtation: Pamela Love Talon Ring:

I have decided I want a Statement right for my right hand (to balance out the ring overload on my left hand.)

Not really sure how to shop for a ring.

My first pick would no doubt be the amazing coral Arty YSL.... Im kind of pleased this has sold out for the timebeing, although I noticed on the Vogue Forums that SAKS is stocking it from Feb, with $60 postage! I couldn't buy it with that postage price out of principle!

Next up... something a bit tougher. Inspired by Pamela Love, i went looking for a talon necklace. And via Fashion Toast came across this talon ring from Thailand on ebay.
It looks amazing on her because she has the right mix, Im wondering if it would look a bit 'yuck' sitting solo on my right hand?...

It is so un-me, but i love it too.. The silver costs $50, the bronze is $25... but then there's a cheap version, direct from Thailand for $6.00. Sure it looks cheap as well, but it gets the point accross?.... or is it plain yuck?
so damn (wrong) shiney!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I spent Halloween / Derby Day laptop shopping with LPs and my mum... I wish there was a Halloween party on and I could dress up as a Zombie Ghoul, or a Troll! hehe.

My Troll 2 Mask is ready to go!

I would die to have one of these on Halloween.. an Eddie Borgo Studded pumkin.. DIY instructions here

I s

Nicole Ritchie's shoes ...

I had no idea House of Harlow was going to have a range of shoes! How exciting.. can't wait to see the rest.

I don't know how I feel about these, i would probably not buy either.. the black ones are my preference, but they feel a bit Balenciaga intense sandal with an Aztec twist... hmm..


Topshop dull sequinned Trophy jacket..

I tried this on when I was in London over August and it was gorgeous! I kind of need a summery jacket.. the only thing is that it's on ebay, for the retail price... and that given I normally go up a size in Topshop, what if it doesn't fit!? And what if all the sequins fall off because I'm careless!?

And why didn't i just buy it when i was there!? .. damnyou cool jacket for confusing me...

Whilst on silver, what the hell is this Silver lame crop top sass and bide have put out!? It's so American Apparel circa 2006!?

BUT ... I love every single item in their Summer collection online.. all the gorgeous maxi dresses.. ahh!!

Yarra Valley

This week, in what could only be described as a nightmare (the crew filming a show in Sydney during the food festival) I was lucky enough to escape to the Yarra Valley... where i drove around meeting the lovliest of people, who gave me lots of food. I have not had freebies in SUCH a long time... not since earlier on in series 2.

Dogs chilling out at the traffic lights...
A farm dedicated entirely to Zucchini FLowers..
Little piggies... the most adorable I've seen.. these guys are all destined to be Suckling pigs! :(
Garlic Farm..
Stopping to take in the view...
Driving through the Bushfire affected areas...
The most unbelievably delicious Smoked Trout on the planet.. this photo was taken whilst i picked at it on my lap.. yes i am an uncouth eater, clearly.
The hometime bounty... Sourdough, tray of Strawberries, jalepenos,

What I wore..

I have a few new clothes, and need to take some photos.. in particular i scored a bounty by popping into the Camberwell op shop.. a brand new St Leonards tartan swing jacket for $9!? F' yeah!

I looked tired and crap all week... Im also really chunking up. I have decided to knuckle down and get serious, 3 kilos off, in the next couple of weeks for the launch.

Last week I went for a walk to the supermarket and saw this maxi in the Asian clothes shop.. it was only $50, so i bought it without trying it on.
Luckily Im quite pleased with it, in particular the plaited strap detail... hard to see, but it's across the bust here...

The Russian silk dress w. Kookai Red Frill cardigan. I don't know if i can do this clingy style of wool anymore... it makes me feel like i have the hugest, widest bum in the world....

The Free People lace ups have been getting a thrashing...

I have always been a bright colours person. Yellow, red, green, blue.. colour block, colour clash... colour crazy!!!! What concerns me is that lately i just don't FEEL like wearing colour. I want to wear black, tan, blah.. just not bright colour lately.

Sure, it's still sneaking in here and there .. but this is a dress I bought on impulse last weekend from ebay. It is something i would have snapped up in two seconds a year or two back.. crazy, bright, prairie print fabric dress. From the 70s i think.. with BOW AND FRILL!!!! (two of my favourite things)

Although, and it pains me to say this, I kind of feel like a house servant wearing it....

Didn't make it out of the house. Tiny bit small across the boobs too.. but a FAB green, even if i don't leave the house in it.
Lots lots lots more to be photographed... when i clean up my room... eeek!!! Its like a bomb went off in my wardrobe.

Costume Crazy.

I brought these costumes home from the props dept. at work a while back, I'd decided I wanted to do a Chupa entry based around them but never got around to it .. until tonight! It's a Friday night, and despite intense cravings I didn't get into the beers.

I decided what the hey, why don't I dress up Chupa Chuck tonight and put in a last entry.. I think i am going to mosaic these looks into an Andy Warhol- esque square.

Disco Diva...
Gold Coast retiree...
Verging on Village People...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My (big fat extravagant) Saturday Purchase

So the big purchase does not involve an item of clothing
+ a rush of blood to the head!

I decided today suddenly that I wanted a new bike. This would be my fourth bike in 12 months (is this insanity?)

My last bike was such a letdown.. it had issues, but what can you expect for such a basic model!?
Plus it was riddled with broken parts after nick borrowed it for the last couple of months... brakes were non existent, bike damn dangerous!
Our his n hers bikes from the Bicycle Centre in Prahran. Thought i was being so sensible buying a cheap hybrid, but it only lasted a few months!

My previous was a hipster retro stepthrough from the 70s... but the gears are in the centre of the handlebars and so hard to change.
The perfect bike for a Summer Day.
But alas, gear system that is begging for an accident!

The one before that was my single gear, heavy as a truck... and almost impossible to move.
Beautiful, yes. A joy to ride, god no!

So rather than paying a fortune to service a substandard bike i think is ugly, I decided it was better to invest in a good bike. And that I did..

This time- I have gone with a Giant city bike.. a lil retro, without being hipster (aka wanky) but it's solid and beautiful, and stylish in a metallic olive green!

Clearly good wheel reflectors..
Groovy handlebars!
I did ride home from Hawthorn, it was hellish! I am so unfit and I was wearing tight jeans.

The Russian Silk dress...

I've decided this dress has a Russian vibe to it. I like it, it sure it voluminous, it looks like it should suit a million belts.. but in the end looks best unbelted, with loads of jewelery (as not shown, but worn to work the other day.. I literally spent about an hour trying to figure out how to style it!?)

We won..

Well, not yet, but this Chupa Chuck doll arrived in the post this week (which puts us in the top 50 of the week.. i wonder how many entries are actually received, probably not 50! haha)
Damian also gave me a Heinneken keg this week, as a thankyou for loaning him a playstation3 for a few months. Playstation + Chuck = total frat fridge!

I put my prop department hat back on this week and made some picnic bags with the logo for the Sydney shoot this week, which incorporates a picnic for foodies. (painted the logos on after having some beers at red spice road!)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New new..

Floral Pants from Cotton on.... $19.95!
Kinda like pyjamas, but cool too! (my serious love of floral continues despite all the cheap items flooding the stores, which would include these)

Binny dress, on sale, from Hoss. I bought it without checking the price and only noticed when I got home.. Hoss put such a mega mark up on all their clothes, so i bet 195 was the normal price! (down from 295)

Anyways, Black floral tiered dress.. bought because it's over the knee (OTK) ie, easy workwear.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello there Thierry Lasry!

So I was introduced to the amazing Thierry Lasry over the weekend. I love a French hand made pair of sunglasses, especially with as much character as this guy offers in his sunnies!
As you can see this style is favoured by none other than Nicole Ritchie...
HOWEVER that style, known as the "velvety" is the least interesting of the range... great flecks of colour in a clear lilac frame..
VERY fond of the finish on these... they're so unsubtle... I kind of have my eyes on these ones...
And these too! More 'pretty'..
Now I have a problem because these sunglasses are amazing, and I need a pair! They are basically available NOWHERE online. Mission lasry begins... I think I'd pick a pair from the last two.... most likely the crazy orange blue yellow fleck mash of colour. very cool indeed...