Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hard to choose.. corset heels

lps said he'd get me some faux ann demeulemeester lace up booties !!! and i have been totally freaking out at the possibilities.. first i need to choose a colour. So my thoughts are:

1. Black - totally yes, but no. Tried some on in zomp today (in leather) and they were too much like my MJ booties.

2. Nude. Yes, love it. Would my feet look too big though? they are probably slimming.. in the way nude shoes are supposed to me (I don't know i have so few)

3. Grey. Love grey but would it suit my wardrobe? I doubt it.

I'm left thinking risk big feet look, and go for nude. Clint told me nude. I feel like i need them right now. ...


Cotton Socks said...

i like the nude too!

thanks for the tip on the S&B sale.
i went there yesterday and found this awesome jacket that i loved but they didnt have my size left! only bigger sizes :( boooo heart broken

Julia Svenson- Haart said...

I'm going NUDE! My bf bought them for me yesterday, am dizzy with excitement!

I saw a gorgeous musty pink jacket in S+B sale, but the arms were so tight (cause it was cotton) That sale store will be my new weakness me thinks!!