Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oh Sydney, I love you..

Today I did a gourmet food tour of Sydney... I think I've had a 'providore overload' !

There is such a culture of 'gourmet grocers' grasping for the riche market.. and, whist i love getting the chance to get out and explore, i ended up never wanting to see another Spelt sourdough olive loaf for some time (otherwise, potentially my favourite loaf!) So i think you could call the sydney food scene right now a bit .. 'pretentious'!?

BUT who can complain about work when i spent half the day eating and shopping! :)

I love sydney for all it's lovlieness. For example...

Having breakfast at Jones the Grocer (even if it is a $9 baguette that basically is just rocket and a slither of prosciutto)
Beautifully presented florists on street corners.. Poppies, my favourite, are in season right now..
Simon Johnson, a well-known name on the above-mentioned providore scene..
A butcher that can charge almost $200 p kilo for meat...
But the meat was so amazing that it deserved some extra attention.. "Drumsticks" window display, geddit!?
Aged beefs..
More .. it's like shopping at louis vuitton.... but for dinner!?
Meat drying room.. it's air dried for 5 weeks off site, then brought in daily to be prepped for sale...
Fratelli Fresh... Fruit + veg!
The fromagerie, Occelo..
The hottest bakery in town (for now), Bourke St Bakery in Surry Hills
It was raining in Melbourne..
If only i had a gazillion dollars i would like to live here, somewhere..
Maybe i would chose here.. actually, i would go woollhara or lavender bay... but surry hills would do too! I think Im looking quite strange from too much YSL radiant touch!?
And hanging out in William St, Ginger and smart was closed, but im quite keen on this maxi, and the silk cardigan on the right.

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