Saturday, October 31, 2009

Statement ring..

Inspirtation: Pamela Love Talon Ring:

I have decided I want a Statement right for my right hand (to balance out the ring overload on my left hand.)

Not really sure how to shop for a ring.

My first pick would no doubt be the amazing coral Arty YSL.... Im kind of pleased this has sold out for the timebeing, although I noticed on the Vogue Forums that SAKS is stocking it from Feb, with $60 postage! I couldn't buy it with that postage price out of principle!

Next up... something a bit tougher. Inspired by Pamela Love, i went looking for a talon necklace. And via Fashion Toast came across this talon ring from Thailand on ebay.
It looks amazing on her because she has the right mix, Im wondering if it would look a bit 'yuck' sitting solo on my right hand?...

It is so un-me, but i love it too.. The silver costs $50, the bronze is $25... but then there's a cheap version, direct from Thailand for $6.00. Sure it looks cheap as well, but it gets the point accross?.... or is it plain yuck?
so damn (wrong) shiney!

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