Friday, October 30, 2009

Yarra Valley

This week, in what could only be described as a nightmare (the crew filming a show in Sydney during the food festival) I was lucky enough to escape to the Yarra Valley... where i drove around meeting the lovliest of people, who gave me lots of food. I have not had freebies in SUCH a long time... not since earlier on in series 2.

Dogs chilling out at the traffic lights...
A farm dedicated entirely to Zucchini FLowers..
Little piggies... the most adorable I've seen.. these guys are all destined to be Suckling pigs! :(
Garlic Farm..
Stopping to take in the view...
Driving through the Bushfire affected areas...
The most unbelievably delicious Smoked Trout on the planet.. this photo was taken whilst i picked at it on my lap.. yes i am an uncouth eater, clearly.
The hometime bounty... Sourdough, tray of Strawberries, jalepenos,

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