Monday, October 5, 2009

A Sensible dress..

Just got this Twenty8Twelve by S. Miller dress on Asos.... I saw a dress that was over the knee (three cheers for wearable!), and snapped it up without a second thought..

Of course i got the blue, such a lovely colour, but here's another view. in grey.

The Best bit - it's Reduced from £230 to £70 !!
And postage was only £10 (seemed cheap in contrast to some other postage around)

I can't wait til all my packages arrive this week, so exciting!I'm expecting the silk See by Chloe dress, this one, and the nude lace up booties!! woo.

Can't wait to wear this (very work friendly/ bbq friendly/ general activity friendly!) dress w. the new boots. I hope the waist isnt too bunched up!

Right now on tv there's a show with embarrassing medical problems.. one of the ladies has excessive body hair, she has a bristley beard! It looks like hair from a broom. How horrendous.

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