Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The fine line .. kitsch or disgusting!?

So it's no secret to anyone that I'm completely attracted to anything kitsch, often over the top, colourful, or simply - absurd! For a while my wardrobne was affected with insanely loud vintage dresses, however I think this era of dressing myself has calmed. It still however definitely stretches to home furnishings (as NOT demonstrated by the bedroom revamp). I can only imagine the future when my house is a mismatch of souvenir teaspoons with your tea and saucer, clashing couch cushions with pom pom trims, crazy mexican chairs, salt and pepper collections.... it's all to come!

And now that I have an area to slowly furnish .. i've become quite enamoured with animal lamps!

Looking online, Im not alone!
For example, This horse lamp is incredible. Sensible & strangely sophisticated.

And if i had a lazy $2200+ I would absolutely have already purchased this pig table!
Corky Saint Clair have released these amazing nightlamps. The only problem is the practicality... when have i ever needed a weak strength bedlamp that would barely allow enough light for reading.

....Never.What's up next verges on ugly.. i can see LPs cringing at the thought of waking up next to this. Ebay find, Tiffany leadlight animal lamps. I love this owl's quizzical expression.
I would be SO much more keen if they didn't have that horrible moulded base- reminds me of something that you would see in a store selling Dungeons and Dragons figurines or a key shop selling pewter.

Rooster... pretty ug, but I would display it if i had it.
This is more like it, ditch the base! Ok need to give this topic a rest before i purchase something ugly!

In other news, SBC silk dress arrived today and I came down with the flu. If i wasn't wrapped up on the couch, grey in the face + watching tv (7pm Project for future reference once it's pulled!) I would photograph it. Gorgeous dress.. but bizarre bustline. It's SO LOW. It should've been a size too big (and perhaps is in the bust and hips), but the waist isn't elasticised - so it's oddly tight!?

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Cotton Socks said...

hahahhah dungeons and dragons. i stare so bad when i walk past it at chaddy. i then tell my bf the same joke everytime " go on, go play with your friends"
i find it hillarious. he doesnt.

do u like the SBC? can it be altered? im taking my black pink blue zimmerman dress to be altered into something more flattering.

oh and the horse lamp is the best thing ever!!! i saw it at Space and it was like $10,000 craazyyy!
its a lifesize horse lamp. if i ever have a house big enough to fit it i'll find out a way to buy it for sure.