Sunday, November 28, 2010

Postage pressie!

I was sitting at work this morning, when a beautifully wrapped package from arrived. What scares me is that I could not remember what I'd bought, 'but obviously I've bought something..' was the thought process.

I opened it up to find this gorgeous House of Harlow pendant necklace! It was a belated 30th Birthday present from my friend, Georgie.

As is evident from this last photo, not even my amazing new pendant can outshine my lethargy. I have been so tired, so flat, so grey, and so cloudy since I got back from mexico. In a week it'll be a month since I got back, yet I'm not feeling any better/ spritely!? I look foul ALL THE TIME. Hopefully a couple of weeks off in Christmas will do the trick.

woah, see by chloe leopard

Woah, officially AMAZING bag by See by Chloe
Im a lil bummed it only comes in this teensy crossover version, as I would snap this up in an instant in a bigger version! Am going to campaign that this is the present for my girlfriend's 30th coming up in a couple of weeks (joint gift, differing opinions).. think she will die!

New House of Harlow

Ooh, Im quite fond of this new stone Cluster necklace by House of Harlow.

Available now at Nordstom.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mex stop no. 1. Cabos!

We've been back for three weeks, so I thought it was about time that I blogged some travel pics from the Honeymoon.

Our first stop was in the beautiful Cactus Desert on the coast, Cabos San Lucas on the Peninsula of Baja California. I was completely mystified by the idea of being somewhere with CACTUS. I don't know why but it's a longstanding fascination for me... I could stare at Cactii for hours, I love it. So a fun resort, slapped next to beautiful ocean with perfect weather, It was definitely in the perfect place for me!

We stayed at the Hotel Riu Sante Fe, which was an all inclusive about 20 minutes out of town by foot. Everything was included, and I mean EVERYTHING. Booze, food, booze, food - 24 hours a day! To make this even more of an upside, the hotel itself was gorgeous- very clean, and expansive pools with pool bars at every corner.

Here I am on the balcony.
I bought these Ray Bans at the local San Lucas shopping centre as I thought I'd packed two pairs of sunnies, only to realise neither pair were in my bag once I arrived.

In Cabos, the touts hang out on the beach in the blistering heat.
They're made to stand behind the string, and must wear white.
I felt bad lounging around on deck chairs overlooking the sea, whilst they were working down there. I would loathe lazy Resort tourists in their position!

LPs and I chilled on the beach drinking Cerveza and watching the Sunset.

The sunsets are insanely crazy beautiful.

One thing that never makes sense to me, is why you go overseas and find swing bars- whilst we totally ignore them over here in Aus. Please don't tell me this is another result of over the top OHS, cause that's just being wowsery!

So people say, "whatever happens in Cabos, Stays in Cabos!"

And I can see why, as described in the Lonely Planet it's a Frat Party- only older... and drunker!

We boozed on ..

and on...

and on...

And on and on!


For free! God knows what was in all those drinks... it got to the point that the barmen at our preferred hotel bar, would get us six drinks at a time. Ouch.

These six drinks, named for us "couchie Couchie 69" (yes, I think they were having a laugh at our expense) were just for me, all at once. Lp's was simultaneously drinking 6 G&Ts no doubt!

Here is the exuberant barman, Louis.

And my favourite barman, Tony (or as one loud American guy yelled out to him "HEY CRAZY EYES!"... so Tony had a lazy eye!

I was somewhat pleased we didn't stay in town- activity was pretty 'wild'.
Here's one of the local bar's schticks - you get strung upside down in front of the bar, and then force fed shots of tequila. hmm...

Van Halen's Sammy Hagar was having his 2010 Birthday Bash whilst we were in town at his mega famous bar, the Cabo Wabo. We really wanted to go (however after seeing the crowd, perhaps not)

I did manage to buy LPs a t shirt, however he claims that he will not wear it in public.

We did make it to the Cabo Wabo... Sammy has made it like a shrine to himself!

We had been drinking at the pool bar all day long, so didn't really make the most of the visit. In fact, I think our alcohol levels hit an all time high by the time we made it, and we got out of there pretty fast!

One fun thing we did which really took advantage of our location was hit the desert in a Dune Buggy! It took us through the Desert (past lots of cactus! wooweee!) Then along the most incredible beach ever where we drove up and down the dunes.

Kitted up and ready to ride!!

I had a slight heart attack at one point when I waqs driving over the dunes- thought I was going to roll the buggy!

All up, uber fun start to the honeymoon!

Oca Restaurant: Fine dining in Mex City

When we were in Mexico City we dined at Oca restaurant in Polanco (AMAZING. Take aVue de Monde and times the molecular spectacular by ten!).

Karen, who owns the retaurant, treated us to the most divine degustation by her Michelin star chef- incredible. She even named the menus in honour of our Honeymoon, which was an extra special touch!

Some foodie highlights...

Fois Gras coated in 18ct Gold.

A Coconut dessert, with the whole dry ice experience.
Here's a video of said dessert in action!

William & Miguel (Karen's partner) chowing down on a mushroom dish- that included mushroom paper. Everything was so delicious and inventive! It's impossible to show in pictures.

This was a lettuce puree, poured at the table over some of the most incredible dollops of egg yolk. It was very special!

The restaurant is impeccably styled, down to the Jean Dubost Laguoile Steak knives.

These stuck in my head to the point that I've bought two sets of my own since getting home.

I went for colour! Can't wait to chop some steaks!

They're so damn visually pleasing- in fact I would be purchasing a whole set of cutlery, had I not splashed out on Villeroy & Boch cutlery last Christmas.
Setting up a home is really exciting- can't wait to get the house itself!

Karen clearly loves her cutlery-
here's a wall of donated knives that features in Oca's Dining room.

It appears during my trip to Mexico that my camera settings were fiddled with (by yours truly) Most of my photos have turned out overexposed, or in this case- underexposed!
(prior to this, it had a pretty intelligent ability to automate itself)

I'm starting to think, given my snap happiness, that it may be time for a new camera!

Oh, and if ever in Mexico City, then Oca is a MUST DO culinary experience!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


There's always a time for a new bag, and for me that time happens to be right now.
Oh givenchy... you make me weak at the knees..

Having had a rather luxurious schedule at work (not much on until filming kicks off in the new year) It's given me a bit of time to trawl the net and see what sort of goodies I'd like to blow my cash on for Summer. So right now I'm looking for a bag- and this is the hitlist.

If you have an opinion- I would love to hear it. All comments and suggestions absolutely appreciated! If I had unlimited cash... what would I buy... (I havn't gone down that path for fear of temptation!!) Yes, I'm being practical!

1. I thought this baby MJ would be a cute one to kick things off.

Given my habit of carrying around ten times as much stuff as I need, it aint going to make an appearance with me anytime soon.

2. Here's the Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock shifty. It's oh so cute and compact and screams "every day!".

3. Here's the Marc by Marc Jacobs Lucy.

Lucy was the front runner until I spied... Helena! In particular this stunning Ocean Blue..

Or the blackety black!?

Or this logo tastic See by Chloe number... I think it might be too much logo, but then at the same time, I love SBC... so is that a bad thing?