Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oca Restaurant: Fine dining in Mex City

When we were in Mexico City we dined at Oca restaurant in Polanco (AMAZING. Take aVue de Monde and times the molecular spectacular by ten!).

Karen, who owns the retaurant, treated us to the most divine degustation by her Michelin star chef- incredible. She even named the menus in honour of our Honeymoon, which was an extra special touch!

Some foodie highlights...

Fois Gras coated in 18ct Gold.

A Coconut dessert, with the whole dry ice experience.
Here's a video of said dessert in action!

William & Miguel (Karen's partner) chowing down on a mushroom dish- that included mushroom paper. Everything was so delicious and inventive! It's impossible to show in pictures.

This was a lettuce puree, poured at the table over some of the most incredible dollops of egg yolk. It was very special!

The restaurant is impeccably styled, down to the Jean Dubost Laguoile Steak knives.

These stuck in my head to the point that I've bought two sets of my own since getting home.

I went for colour! Can't wait to chop some steaks!

They're so damn visually pleasing- in fact I would be purchasing a whole set of cutlery, had I not splashed out on Villeroy & Boch cutlery last Christmas.
Setting up a home is really exciting- can't wait to get the house itself!

Karen clearly loves her cutlery-
here's a wall of donated knives that features in Oca's Dining room.

It appears during my trip to Mexico that my camera settings were fiddled with (by yours truly) Most of my photos have turned out overexposed, or in this case- underexposed!
(prior to this, it had a pretty intelligent ability to automate itself)

I'm starting to think, given my snap happiness, that it may be time for a new camera!

Oh, and if ever in Mexico City, then Oca is a MUST DO culinary experience!!!

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