Monday, November 8, 2010


A LOT has happened since my last post. I got married a few weeks ago! Im awaiting the arrival of our photo web gallery, at which point I'll document in proper detail. In the meantime...

Woowee- Mr & mrs!

It was a beautiful day (freak occurance with the weather- one week earlier it was the repeat of the Grand final, the following two weekeneds in a row apparently it poured like crazy with thunderstorms!)

We had a wonderful ceremony at the Registries, a beautiful reception at comme.

After much deliberation and four dresses, I decided to go with the Alannah Hill dress.

I had the Collette Dinnigan right until the last minute... it was a beautiful boho broderie anglaise number, but it was so boobie- that I decided last minute it wasn't me.

I definitely aimed for the cas, daytime bridal look.

In some ways I felt like I looked like I was going to work (ran out of time for makeup & hair- seriously!! Can you imagine!?) Anyways now I've decided to just embrace it all and not worry.
Everyone had a great day, I don't think they cared about my lack of illuminator or straight hair!)

I didn't expect the headpiece to be the size it was (in fact the photographer recoiled in... surprise? when it was pulled out of the box!) Anyways Fleur the florist in Armadale did a beautiful job, I am very happy in retrospect I chose fresh flowers. It weighed a tonne and I felt like I had a few kilos on my head for the next few days.

Here I am with my brother & the headpiece.

My friend, Georgie's, beautiful floral wristpiece. The flowers were amazing.

My handsome husband pre ceremony.

My mum did the flowers at the reception, me thinks the stress almost killed her!
In fact I think I recall her saying she would never take on such a task again!

And we finished off the amazing day with insanely intoxicated "kick on drinks" at the Palmz.

Yes, here is how the bride looked by the wee hours...

Glam indeed.

Then, Lps and I split Melbourne immediately for a Honeymoon across Mexico. Amazing.

I need to do the official breakdown posts... sorting through the photos is an ominous task!

We were delayed four days in LA due to this Qantas A380 fiasco. Whilst we did get a bit of sightseeing done, and made it to a party in North Hollywood- but with the flu, no luggage, no cosmetics, no clothes and dirty hair- things could have been a lil more enjoyable!

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Cotton Socks said...

You look so stunning!
Everything was beyond beautiful!!!
Dress, Hairpiece, makeup, hair!
The flowers are so amazing!!

Can't wait to see more pics!
Did you love comme?
Also excited for Mexican honeymoon snaps!
I'd love to go to mexico and eat their food till i burst!