Thursday, October 7, 2010

24 hour countdown

It's a very very strange week. I don't know exactly what I'm thinking yet- I'm totally stress free (is that normal!?) So I have 24 hours left of being a 'single' .. what does one do? Go shopping of course! haha. Nah, (well, a little bit maybe) Im planning to head to the hotel shortly, and get decorations underway.. paper chains and pom poms a plenty!

I've just had a spray tan.. about to wash off the excess, but i think I may have terrified LPs when he saw it this morning- Im an odd shade of grey!

My hair colour is in order (just need a blow wave in the morning), I've had my brows done at Ella Bache, Im hopefully not my usual feral white freckle look (the spray tan experience for the rarely tanned, is a strange experience!) ... SKIN BEHAVE, and I'm ready to go!

Perhaps after my two unsatisfying makeup sessions I should have planned to go to MAC for makeup, but it's too late now. (I'm having lash issues! Damn they are hard to put on properly!)



Carly said...

Good luck! I've been reading you blog but too lazy to create a google account to leave a message. Obviously the 24hr countdown warrented a comment though!

I'm planning a Melbourne 2011 wedding too so please come back with pictures once the day is done. I can't wait to see what you've created

all the best, Carly

Frock Around the Clock said...

Hope you had an incredible day! Make sure you post some pictures! :) x