Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Killing time before the Obstetrician

Do as the pregnant lady does- go frolocking in abandoned spaces in Collingwood.

Well, not entirely- this space is the Ace Carpark off a Laneway off Landridge St surrounded by abandoned buildings.

I am so besotted by these kinds of locations, I think I've just decided to do another blog - of all the buildings and spaces around Melbourne that so intrigue me...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Getting there


So I'm now past the 37 week mark.

My how things have changed so far this year! (the last 26 days- yes today's Stralya day!)

Here is me and the ladies in the fam around late December...

We packed up and shipped out of South Yarra a couple of weeks ago

Ciao Ciao South Yarra & your MEGA colour scheme!

And claim habitation in suburbia!

Huge difference, still getting my head around the new house, new location, new distances etc. We're still unpacking/ sorting/ renovating etc -
unlikely to be fully ready to go by the time babe arrives.

Speaking of- he is now under 3 weeks away (im 37 weeks, 2 days preggo)

Yah, I'm huge. Big everything!

Here I am about a week ago

And here I am a week before that.

Belly out and about. Baby seems to have a very square bottom! I look very... square!?

The nursery is done! ... almost... just a couple of little things to do.

Waiting on one of the Little Lamb Freckle Rugs, and going to hang some of my mexican Aluminium shapes up from the light.. & a nursing chair! After something Eames inspired... Will follow up with some more pics..

So baby's head has not yet "engaged" ... so my ob took a scan yesterday. I swear the baby looked EXACTLY like LPS! She took a pic, but it moved right as she did it,
and as a result the picture is prett-ay terrible!!