Saturday, January 12, 2013

What I've been up to..

It's always been my dream to be at home, with babe, and to be able to do arty crafty things for $$!
And hoorah! I couldnt believe it when I was approached by a craft company pre Christmas to do exactly that.   I've taken on some of their in-house craft stuff (free reign) to be seeded out to the media, which has been a lot of work, and a lot of fun, so far. 

Here's a few examples of what I've done over the Christmas holiday... Easter & Valentines coming up of course!

Around the same time, Freddy started crawling, so things have become pretty hectic indeed! Plus he's just started developing an intense Mum- obsession, and acute stranger awareness.  Ciao ciao to his laissez faire attitude to everyone, and his compliance with being passed around and "performing" for his audience, and hello to tears and tantrums at the mere motion of letting him go.  He's an absolute mummy's boy right now.

On the 22nd December he turned 10 months, same day as my nana's birthday. Yeep, not long to go to the 1st Birthday!

Doing any sort of photoshoot has become a nightmare, his mind is racing a mile a minute and he has no interest in sitting still for mum! 

 Pleased to say he still has his signature "nutbag" smile!

 Here we are getting ready for Christmas (I am wearing my new Ginger & Smart dress, which, as beautiful as it is- has become a very pricey option! The drycleaning for it is irrationally expensive, and it soaks up stains like you wouldn't believe!)

We have succumbed to the plastic fantastic... hello supermarket trolley ride-on! 
 Here's the lil guy getting ready to unwrap his pressies...

 Hanging with his cousins on the day..

And chillin with mum at home!