Thursday, January 26, 2012

Getting there


So I'm now past the 37 week mark.

My how things have changed so far this year! (the last 26 days- yes today's Stralya day!)

Here is me and the ladies in the fam around late December...

We packed up and shipped out of South Yarra a couple of weeks ago

Ciao Ciao South Yarra & your MEGA colour scheme!

And claim habitation in suburbia!

Huge difference, still getting my head around the new house, new location, new distances etc. We're still unpacking/ sorting/ renovating etc -
unlikely to be fully ready to go by the time babe arrives.

Speaking of- he is now under 3 weeks away (im 37 weeks, 2 days preggo)

Yah, I'm huge. Big everything!

Here I am about a week ago

And here I am a week before that.

Belly out and about. Baby seems to have a very square bottom! I look very... square!?

The nursery is done! ... almost... just a couple of little things to do.

Waiting on one of the Little Lamb Freckle Rugs, and going to hang some of my mexican Aluminium shapes up from the light.. & a nursing chair! After something Eames inspired... Will follow up with some more pics..

So baby's head has not yet "engaged" ... so my ob took a scan yesterday. I swear the baby looked EXACTLY like LPS! She took a pic, but it moved right as she did it,
and as a result the picture is prett-ay terrible!!

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