Sunday, November 21, 2010


There's always a time for a new bag, and for me that time happens to be right now.
Oh givenchy... you make me weak at the knees..

Having had a rather luxurious schedule at work (not much on until filming kicks off in the new year) It's given me a bit of time to trawl the net and see what sort of goodies I'd like to blow my cash on for Summer. So right now I'm looking for a bag- and this is the hitlist.

If you have an opinion- I would love to hear it. All comments and suggestions absolutely appreciated! If I had unlimited cash... what would I buy... (I havn't gone down that path for fear of temptation!!) Yes, I'm being practical!

1. I thought this baby MJ would be a cute one to kick things off.

Given my habit of carrying around ten times as much stuff as I need, it aint going to make an appearance with me anytime soon.

2. Here's the Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock shifty. It's oh so cute and compact and screams "every day!".

3. Here's the Marc by Marc Jacobs Lucy.

Lucy was the front runner until I spied... Helena! In particular this stunning Ocean Blue..

Or the blackety black!?

Or this logo tastic See by Chloe number... I think it might be too much logo, but then at the same time, I love SBC... so is that a bad thing?

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