Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Wedding Pics

So I went and had a screening of our photos last week. All up, Im pretty pleased (still wishing I did a hairstyle, but I KNOW, had I done a deconstructed side braid or knot- I would be wishing I wore my hair out! Still... a wave or a curl or something!? haha) ALL GOOD :)

So what has struck me about the photographer's photos (apart from how insanely expensive they are/ how not accessible the digital files are! I wish I understood all this properly in advance... I thought at the least I would have my low res web gallery for facebook blah blah- well, nah.. it's all got watermarks!)

Anyways Im about to start working on our album and Im planning to compile from far and wide, basically there is A LOT of Nick and I (I refuse to show anyone any of the 10000000 photos photographer wanted where we're we're sharing a kiss!). There is barely any at reception or of other people. I know it's OUR wedding, but I feel like the other people, atmosphere (which was fun, buzzy and boozey!) is missing from these pics. Plus there's only so many times I can see myself with that headpiece and dress on!

Oh well, I am super happy that I can now move on from the wedding! No more thinking about accessories/ cardigans/ boleros/ changing dresses (nb. i have a whole wardrobe of unworn expensive, and every pearl piece of jewellery Mimco has released this year!) I was delighted to walk past Alannah Hill this week without any urge to run in and check on their beaded cardis!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Juila, you looked absolutely stunning my love, big congrats all round to you guys. I was so relieved when my wedding was over too, I didn't know what to do with myself! x