Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some new stuff

I've bought a few new things in the last week, thought I'd upload a few of them.

First up, i hit the Fleur Wood Sale REALLY hard about a week back.

Whilst half the items are going up on ebay (I really did get very carried away- me thinks I've never embraced a sale the way I did for this one!) I am planning to keep a few bits and pieces, including this gorgeous maxi I blogged about a little while back.

I expected to go crazy in Mexico, but who could have imagined I would have restrained myself from coloured smock central!

One thing I did buy was this beautiful silk scarf from a friend of a friend who is a fancy high end Mexican designer of silk accessories, Pineda Covalin.

The silk may be the plushest, softest, lovliest silk on record.

Worn with a new chambray Sportsgirl jacket (it took me a few days to wear this without feeling like I'm straight off the 90210 set!) and a beaded detailed mini dress from yup- you guessed it! Fleur Wood.

Whilst I didn't buy much clothes-wise in Mexico, one thing that could have come straight from Mex (according to everyone who's seen it) is this Sass and Bide Blanket Scarf.

I was obsessed with this thing- until I actually bought it, and now i think it looks a bit stupid.

You'd think it would be a cinch to style... *failure gong*... uh uh, it's not quite the right shape/ fabric/ something to look "effortless". Maybe it's me and I'm just too old.

Anyways, here tis with a ... Fleur Wood! top and my old travelling Mimco Bag.
I love this bag when travelling because it's just so damn enormous!
I have been too lazy to swap back over!

I did something really silly and cut my fringe. You've never seen a fringe sit more awkwardly. The new look adds a kilo to every angle of my face.
Never ever cut your fringe with paper scissors in a rush!

I've been wearing these new Tortoisey Ray Bans a bit lately.

Am contemplating popping them up on ebay shortly. Think there may be a lil too much crossover with my fav Karen walkers!?

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septembre said...

oh Fleur Wood always beautiful, great choice