Saturday, October 31, 2009

etsy necklace

Damnit, why I am i so fickle.. i have already found something else to turn my attentions to...

Semi-precious Amethyst Druzy Necklace Geode 18K gold w/ toggle closure from etsy....

prett-ay cool!


Cotton Socks said...

ughhhh blogspot is so annoying.
for some reason your new posts dont show up in my feed thingy on the right of my screen.
booo. now i have heaps to catch up on!

you should get that topshop jacket! i have it and i love it to bits!! i got my true topshop size and it fit me. there is no stretch in it at all though. so you cant really do starjumps in it cuz the shoulders would rip. ha ha.

i thought the house of harlow shoes were like a balenciaga rip off too!! really suprised nicole would do something like that..

i love your new maxi dress!! looks great on you!

Julia Svenson- Haart said...

I can't believe you have that jacket!!

OH GOOD! The jacket went un-bidded for... so I have sent them an offer of 80pound incl. postage.. would love to have it!

The dream jacket has also been listed..... contemplating both!...

Poppy said...

You simply must buy the necklace, it's beautiful! It would look amazing. I shall have to force you to.

Cotton Socks said...

yes u must get the jacket !!
i blogged about it but the photo didnt show the entire jacket

that black jacket is awesome!!
it says in the auction that its a sample though, and that some beads are missing.
will u be able to match/fix it?