Thursday, October 1, 2009

Working in Eyre today....

Today i went on a tour around Coffin Bay. Goddamn it was so flipping freezing.
I kept to myself for much of the trip, it was full of oldies, they all approached me at the end to ask me when the show would be on, and to say that they would be telling all their friends i was on their boat. HAHAHA. how ridiculous. (but sweet)

Birds... look how chilly it is even for
Fur seals hanging out..
To me, this rock island looked prehistoric. A lot of this area hasnt changed for hundreds of years, thousands! I think this little rock island is testament..
Oyster leases in coffin Bay. Where we get all our delicious coffin bay oysters from!
A mixed dozen from Oysterbeds restaurant..
Random drive up the coast.. got lost, but saw amazing views
Heading towards the bight..
Roads that go forever with no signage
Disorientated, keeping happy, don't want to break down/flat tyre etc!!.. no cars, no people, no houses, no gates... no nothing! for ages...

Finally arrived at the pork farm/ antiques shop.. awesome entrance.
Some of the amazing collection... this is mainly coke..
Hello there Jemima... Black Berkshire pig..
More Jemima's in the fridge...

In other news, I am getting an enormous pimple on my cheek, and one on my forehead.

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