Friday, October 16, 2009

Dresses be Gone! (& new hair & shoe contemplation)

I did a mini clear up today of the wardrobe.. there's still a few things I should aim to sell, but to start with here's a couple of things.

the twenty8Twelve dress. What a complete disaster. It certainly does not look like this when it's on!

It was the most unflattering dress in the world.. and what's more it was enormous! And the blue was more like a steel grey. It was almost motherly? (I could visualise my mum wearing this fabric as a Theatre dress)I knew when i opened it it would be WAY too big, but holy crap.. when i tried it on, what a disaster. So bad i couldn't wait to get it off, and didn't take a photo record because that would be too depressing. The only way this dress would look good is if you had Triple Z boobs.. there is THAT much excess fabric.

Bye bye ..

Next up, Im hesitant to part with this Fleur Wood Oversized purple Embroidered Smock. It's so pretty in theory, and it's a nice cut around the boobs (a little bulky perhaps in the body.. I guess that's the style? but not ridiculously so) but something holds me back from wearing it... In fact in the year I've had it, I've probably only have worn it once or twice- everyone said how much they loved it, but then i rode my bike one hot lunchtime to the shops, and ended up with sweat stains! They were almost black the colour of the fabric changed so much!!! hahaha.

Like everyone online, I have also been eyeing off the Icelandic designers, Kron by Kronkron 's shoes. I have to say i was enamoured at first sight with every single pair, however this has subsided (there's a little bit of tack to them that Im not so sure about) .. however this pair remains firmly entrenched in my mind...

They appear to be 39,990 kron.. I read somewhere this is 150 quid, or 280 US. So let's say they're about 3 hundie. Not too bad?... hmmmm.....

And if i take a break from emptying my pockets, how's about my new hair. THANK FLIPPING GOD. When i was in there, she seemed to be putting a discplaimed on the whole process... even brought out a colour chart so I could pick my colours, then explained why what i was asking for wouldn't work (um, it's what Ive asked for the last ten years- creamy mix of blondes, lattes, coffee.. no gold, no caramel) Anyways.. im happy. Phew phew phew. Looking back at my europe photos my hair was actually bright yellow. I looked like a clown!

the roots..
The hair in general. Driving to work, killing time waiting for a boom gates to open in a sidestreet jam packed with traffic.
The fabric on the roof of my car has started falling down.. how bad does it look! Since last night it's fallen so much I can't even see through the back window. Will have a closer look later today and see if there's some way i can fix it... doublesided tape!? Superglue!? Pins!? Man, it's going to look so dodgy!

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