Friday, October 16, 2009

Omfg this was HILRAIOUS how did i forget..

I wonder if it is culturally acceptable in China to smear poo around the place!?

Yesterday 20 chinese journalists did this official tour of our offices, I think it was set up by the mayor blah blah, they are here learning about the Australian Media and producing lifestyle product etc- all very official and ...protocol'd.

When they left, they had left 'faeces' all over the men's bathroom! There was poo on the walls, toilet seat, in the toilet, on the sink, and on the taps!!!!

i think we were all in shock at the time- but now i can't stop laughing!! Is it a cultural thing in China to wipe poo everywhere!? HAHAAHAHA. (one of the bosses had to clean it up)

Here's the group in more innocent times (pre poo incident) listening to a talk about Australian TV production...

ACTUALLY on second thoughts, I better not post it.. it has my boss in it! haha. He would freak if somehow his image was released with the story!!!

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