Saturday, October 24, 2009

My (big fat extravagant) Saturday Purchase

So the big purchase does not involve an item of clothing
+ a rush of blood to the head!

I decided today suddenly that I wanted a new bike. This would be my fourth bike in 12 months (is this insanity?)

My last bike was such a letdown.. it had issues, but what can you expect for such a basic model!?
Plus it was riddled with broken parts after nick borrowed it for the last couple of months... brakes were non existent, bike damn dangerous!
Our his n hers bikes from the Bicycle Centre in Prahran. Thought i was being so sensible buying a cheap hybrid, but it only lasted a few months!

My previous was a hipster retro stepthrough from the 70s... but the gears are in the centre of the handlebars and so hard to change.
The perfect bike for a Summer Day.
But alas, gear system that is begging for an accident!

The one before that was my single gear, heavy as a truck... and almost impossible to move.
Beautiful, yes. A joy to ride, god no!

So rather than paying a fortune to service a substandard bike i think is ugly, I decided it was better to invest in a good bike. And that I did..

This time- I have gone with a Giant city bike.. a lil retro, without being hipster (aka wanky) but it's solid and beautiful, and stylish in a metallic olive green!

Clearly good wheel reflectors..
Groovy handlebars!
I did ride home from Hawthorn, it was hellish! I am so unfit and I was wearing tight jeans.

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