Saturday, October 10, 2009

Is this what i think it is?

Nope.. it's a necklace! An eagle head necklace, made by Chloe that I bought circa 2003.

Strangely.. I wore it proudly. What an innocent young lady I must have been! Now that I look back, it would undoubtedly be the most phallic shaped pendant I have ever seen.

The only thing more in reference to a penis, would be a penis!

Whilst it's got a sharp, beaked end, no matter how many times you look away and back again, it reverts back to the immature part of your brain. teeheehee it's a black ....

Luckily these photos are from when I sold it on ebay- i had forgotten it ever existed! I found a whole folder of such oddities. What a treat. Must do a post once I get my head around all the photos. In the meantime..

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