Friday, October 2, 2009

New this week..

Witchery bow flats (copy of Chloe- i love the Chloe green ones, but they are stupendously expensive for the most copied flat of the season!)

I bought these online, and had no recollection of doing so when they arrived! It was such a quick purchase.. very minimal consideration!

Re-enter the DIY Primark shoes (the gold decorative chain snapped 2 minutes into wearing them, so I have bowed them up.. probably a bit OTT. May find something a bit more like a silk scarf) In the meantime, they are a pretty ornament in my long line of bow flats..

I stayed up until 2AM after returning from Port Lincoln at midnight last night to bid on a See by Chloe silk dress from America! of course i won! It's gorgeous, but i might hold off on posting pics til Ive got it on. Fingers crossed it's flattering! (There is a tendancy for their dresses to lack a bit of that!)...

1 comment:

Maria said...

OMG - what have you done to me???? I want the witchery shoes tooooo :)
Awesome purchase!
And i really like your blog by the way!!!