Friday, October 9, 2009

Out with the Old..

An issue for the last few months has been my piece of sh@%^T Nokia. This model was a replacement that I's bought on ebay last year, after the previous one I'd bought on an overpriced plan ($79 cap) basically fell to pieces when the side clips snapped off. This slide model in particular has caused me SUCH frustration Ive been tempted to throw it out the window multiple times- MANY TIMES! I would rather live phone-less most of the time, than persevere with this technological turd. If it wasn't so unprofessional not to have a phone, perhaps I'd think about it more seriously. Instead I've put up with the sporadic alerts, message clumps coming through ten at a time two days after they've been sent, and the freezing. My god don't get me started on the phone's freezing habit!! I think I am well and truly over Nokias for ever.

So you can imagine my delight when i called Telstra to change my billing address only to find that i was out of contract! woo and woo and woo! I've been paying an overpriced cap for nothing- whilst this is annoying, it also made way for my new phone...

So yes, along with the rest of the modern world, I am now in the possession of my own brand spankin' new iphone. And it's a $49 cap for a phone a bazillion times better. hooray for now.

Second excitement of the day: I finally spent the David Jones giftcard! The general confusion and cashier panic it caused funny, because i actually remembered where the "Gift Token" payment option was within the system from my days at Djs many moons ago!

I chose this Sass & Bide oversized Tunic.. I think it's kind of overpriced, and the colour is not great for me - but i LOVE the style, and i think that these reasons made it the perfect gift voucher purchase- as it was something i may not buy otherwise.

I took this photo at lunchtime, headed back to the office, realised i needed it, and went straight back to chad after work.

The necklace details are removable for washing, the only issue is that they're pretty heavy- which pulls the front of the dress right down. I can see this being an hilarious problem when i need to bend over, pick things up, lean forward- any general movement really!

Chaddy is changing each time I go- which is often! I couldn't believe the new sass and bide store- holy guacamole, amazing set up. Ive heard they've also opened in the GPO.. which makes four stores in melbourne now? I think this is probably not a great thing.. the mega exposure may cause them to go back down as they did after their last peak? And i think some of the clothes are getting a lil lazy... Mimco suffered this ... let's hope it doesn't happen!

New Chaddy attractions.. oh chanel boutique, you're too much to bare..
Louis Vouis. Can't wait for the shock when I walk in and all these shopfronts are ready!

And on a side note- I had this rose in my room this week.. it didn't last long, but i cut it from the front yard and i thought it was so pretty.
It's in a vase I found at the Op Shop in Elsternwick last week that im using as a bracelet 'stand'. I actually want to find one of those mug stands for my bangles as there's so many more - the really 90s ones you'd see on kitchen benches...


Cotton Socks said...

omg i got this s&b dress last week too! we have such similar taste in clothes!
im over in WA right now and it got crushed to the max in my suitcase. ughhh. i will take some photos soon.
so impressed with the removable chain. i have the silver chain tee from last season and i dunno how im going to wash that. it'll rust and go all crap for sure.

oh and GPO has been around for quite a while. i think probably since the start of the year? atleast? its my local. they're so nice in there, much better than chapel st.

Julia Svenson- Haart said...

I so rarely go into the city! Im out of touch!!

LOVE the dress. was planning to wear it on a flight to sydney tomorrow, ill pop the chains on after going through the detectors! I wore it out today, and noticed how CRUSHED it got from sitting in the car!! damn rayon! :)