Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dreary Winter Shades...

The weather is cold, it's miserable outside!

I think I have been dressing to suit.

A couple of recent purchases:

Asos button front dress with peter pan collar..

It's VERY smockish. Longer at the back... definitely needs to be 'reigned in' at the waist somehow. I used my Kookai cardi.

Whoops... forgot to fix that mirror!

Metalicus Darling Street Singlet dress (purchased for my trip to Mexico! I need a black Maxi)
I love this dress, i would say it's a 'forever' dress! yay.

Absolutely enormous Arthur Gallan wool shawl wrap thing... it's ridiculously large. This is sized a medium with fringe that sweeps the floor if worn like:

it wraps around and around and around.
I feel like I basically bought a fancy portable blanket!

it's divinely cosy and soft.

Lots more to post, just gotta get around to pics!
(if it's not obvious I've been obsessed with wedding preps!)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the shawl...would be good for the uk come November...

I find it hard to imagine it being cold in Melbourne when it was so hot when I was there in Jan!