Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I turn 30, I eat well, and my iphone gets a workout.

Last wednesday was my most dreaded birthday yet... The ol' dirty 30!!

This was not before I spent a boozey Tuesday night with the Cats. And a big night calls for a big hangover. This terrible Carlton Draught on tap potentially made me feel 10 years older, rather than just one.

I woke up to breakfast in bed, and a (big) present from LPs.

Here's my new overlocker sewing machine!

I arrived at work to flowers and a beautifully wrapped pressie from the gourmet food hamper store accross the road. We had two cakes and the office sang happy birthday whilst I wore a ridiculous hat. Fortunately I do not have any photos of this!

I had lunch with mum, and then went home early for a nap.
My conditition was TERRIBLE! I couldn't face the thought of fancy dinner! I snoozed an hour and awoke to find out we were going to Vue De Monde. WOOOHOOO!

I was seriously impressed by Vue, it was amazing. I thought it was unpretentious (I was surprised!) and we had great "viewing" seats in front of the kitchen, so we could watch it all unfold Masterchef style.

Appertiser, the Vue Mueslie Bar. It's crunchie bits, creamy something, atop an icy water pouch, & then served on a rock!

Course 1.
Veggies from the Heide Veggie Patch (which I was lucky enough to have a personal tour of a few months back when it opened)

Course 2.
Poached Duck egg on a potato mousse with fried onion.

At this point I think we may have had a melon + cucumber sorbet to cleanse the palate.

Course 3.
Marron Crayfish with Duck
Course 4.
An interesting little number.
Very rare Kangaroo, served with flaked chocolate.

Course 5.
Perhaps the highlight of the night.
The top grade of Wagyu beef you can buy.
Check out that intense fat marbling... Lps remarked that it tasted almost like bacon!

Lps digging in.

Palate cleanser... Lemonade spiders!
Made with fresh lemonade, vanilla ice cream, full of popping candy! What fun.

Course 6.
A light desert of rhubarb & Whipped milk.

Course 7. The finale.
Some delicious souffle with chocolate & Creme patisserie inside...
I don't remember much else about it, as we'd had PLENTY to drink at this point!

Then we had a tasting plate, which my computer refuses to let me upload! Argh!

All up, a delightful meal with my delightful fiance xx

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