Monday, August 23, 2010

Not all necklaces were created equal

How did a necklace be made on this lofty level of cuteness. Last week my brother sent me this adorable seaside triangle necklace by Tatty Devine.
Yup all the way from London!
I havn't had a chance to style it into anything vaguely suitable (mainly due to the weather, my ghostly palour, and my penchant for scarves at all moments of the day)
The only way it could be photographed was with a MAJOR hangover.
The day before my birthday (Tuesday night) I managed to take drunkness to a new level with the Cats. 30th Birthday was a tough, tough day.
Anyways- Thinking Ill break this baby out for Mexico!
More bday stuff to come, when we stop being capped, that is!

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