Saturday, July 31, 2010

Make me up - HELP !!!!

I've been a bit quiet lately because I became well and truly consumed and obsessed by my wedding dress. It overtook any rationality I had, and turned me into an insane, ravenous net surfer on a mission. HOURS were spent trawling through every option known to bride & not bride a like.

Luckily I bought something last night- woohoo! I've got it! The ONE!!!

This is officially my third dress. The fit was the issue with number 1, and then the colour with number 2. I don't have ANY energy whatsoever left to NOT love this one. I actually just can't wait to wear it!

BUT, first things first. I had a make up trial a little while back, and wasn't overjoyed with the results. I went through a short romance with the idea of doing my own, before deciding that wasn't going to work, and I had to find a better option. Solution- Vogue forums, most expensive make up artist in melbourne, and a six week wait for a trial. That trial was today!

I'm really, really not sure. Do I have a weird face, a dirty skin tone... Do I explain myself properly? Do i have realistic expectations about wanting a "wow factor".

Headpiece belongs to the makeup artist.

Once again, Im underwhelmed. I just don't look fresh and pretty... more tired and grubby, and maybe a few years older. if I can't even take a nice iphone photo, how is it going to pan out on the day. ARGH. But then what if I do my own, and end up with photos of my concealer glowing out behind my foundation. Or am I stuck in a makeup rut I need to get out of- embrace the ludicrously pricey makeup artist!? (in fact I think I even signed a contract- I did!)

What do i do!?!?!?!?!

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