Monday, July 5, 2010

Hair from Hell

It's mine, no contest.

Admittedly it's my own fault. There's multiple contributing factors..

1. The bleach. I can't remember exactly when my hair flicked over from being thick, healthy blonde hair to frazzled, parched, puffy, broken, singed, straggly hair- maybe one to two years ago, but I'd say this year in it's advanced state.

2. The GHD. This is my true love/hate relationship. It fixes everything, whilst being the root of all my problems.

3. The trip to the states- I combined the bleach with the straightener, with the weird water, with being in a rush all the time and raking brushes and the GHD through my hair at once, daily, for four weeks. I think I came back from the States not just looking puffier, but also far more ragged.

These things, and an inability to blowdry my own hair, has lead to the hair from hell.

A couple of weeks ago my mum and I were in Albert Park having lunch. We saw a lady, of my mum's generation, with the most stunning hair - My mum asked her where she had it done, and she said in Bentleigh in a garage! (home studio really) My mum gave her a whirl- it went well. I thought given my hairdresser's extortionist rates, that I would too. $70 later + a bottle of Moroccan Oil (apparently the answers to all my woes) and I now have a new colour.

Not sure about this... it's yellowy, Lp's mentioned something about a "deep yellow shade" yesterday. SO NOT my look. Anyways, for my own future reference (when booking my next appointment) here's my freshly done hair- roots and all!

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