Saturday, July 10, 2010

New House of Harlow

I'm not entirely on board with the most recent House of Harlow jewelery which I just spyed on Nicole Ritchie Fashion.

It follows on from her past collections, but really amps the Aztek Cleopatra Occult mish mash of influences. I just don't know about the enamel, it's a slightly cheaper look. But I'll have to wait until I see it all in the flesh.

One piece I am loving is this 14KT Gold 5 Stack Bangles in multi.

I'm also hankering for this Grey Pattern Winter Kate Maxi dress. It's the perfect shape, but Im holding off, hoping she releases it in a more "me - friendly' colour! :)

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Cotton Socks said...

That multi bangle is amazing!
I think I agree with u on the cheap look of the new range.

How's the wedding dress hunt going??