Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bags- the Purchase

Ok this is getting insane. I have been using an old, Red tatty, stained Marc by MJ bag for the last year and it's day is definitely done. I catch glimpses of it in the mirrors in stores, and recoil. It is well and truly time to move on and upgrade.

Current choices.. I have about a week to decide before LP's jets off overseas (and buys me a present :) ...

Proenza Schouler PS1 in Medium, black.

Miu Miu deerskin.

Mulberry Alexa, medium in Black.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Satchel

Prada - in Black.


Cotton Socks said...

oh i miss siglo so much from seeing your post!
its Ds 30th in a few weeks. have no idea what im going to do yet! eek!!

as for the bag
PS 1 !!!!!!!!!

Julia Svenson- Haart said...

I know.... can you believe I still havn't made the purchase!

Siglo is amazing! we were almost in the rain, but feeling like you're in somne glamourous euro location makes it all worthwhile!