Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Around town. ..

I'm not exaggerating when I say I loved everything there was to love about Austin, TX!

Everywhere I looked, the scenery and streetscapes were candy for my Americana loving eyes! It was like the quintessential Texan town I always dreamed I'd visit, however it was overrun with coolness and such vibrant personality.

I don't think this city ever loses it's cool... in fact, the city's motto (as our Texan friend, William, told us many years ago) "Keep Austin Weird" .. that it was! Hopefully my happy snaps can do it some justice.

We decided to see a band called Histoic Vein. They were a Japanese rock band we'd seen in the street the day before. They were so overtly stylised, that we were intrigued enough to head to their show the following day.

it was slightly out of town which was lovely, we got to sightsee! The downside- I had developed the most ludicrous blister the day prior (damn you Wholefoods!) and could literally not walk in shoes. I did not want to waste a second in this amazing city, but I could not wear shoes. What does one do?

Wear their only black socks and hope they camouflage as boots.

(Im wearing my new Marc Jacobs dress- one positive)

In the afternoon we headed to So Co (south Congress) where I bought the ugliest pair of sandals (which avoided the blister) that anyone has EVER seen. I brought them home to humour myself, just looking at them evokes misery! Damn you ugly shoes!!!

So Co is south of this-


The much famed Austin Motel, I would LOVE to stay here!!
It has plastic flamingos around the pool.

Please note, this is a smoking taxi..

Heading to the famous Allen's Boots where Id bought her adorable Red Fryes. This was the beginning of the Cowboy Boot obsession- when in Texas!

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cute photos! Love to visit the states someday!
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