Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oh dear .. Lost Cat.

So this week we've been house sitting this cat, Chandler.

It's a total house-cat. Never been outside, not in the slightest bit savvy about it's surrounds beyond it's Ormond Flat.

It was dropped off a couple of weeks ago with a million toys, a water fountain, amongst other feline ecoutrements.. and a long list of instructions and reccomendations.

Anyways, it made itself at home during the week. Last night it was in the lounge room when we went to bed, snoozing on the sofa. This morning, when we got up for breakfast, it was nowhere to be seen. The windows and doors were all firmly closed, so we figured it was just hiding.. and most certainly would appear sooner or later.

A few hours passed.. nothing. House turned upside down.. .nothing. Walking around outside... nothing. Incessant food box shaking... nothing.

It's now 9PM and we've come to the conclusion the cat has well and truly escaped... no idea how (windows/ doors all closed) .. perhaps the chimney!? I've just walked around the block posting LOST CAT signs.

The owners (the cat's obsessed parents) get back from Thailand tonight... hip hip hooray.

What a complete baffling SH&T of a situation.

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