Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wedding Cake & topper

When I was in New York Georgie took me to Magnolia Bakery in Bleeker St.

Of course this is the famed "sex and the city" cupcake shop... and there was a man in the window adding final touches to these adorable pink cakes... they had sprinkles!!! ahhhh I LOVE THESE CAKES SO MUCH!!! Georgie told me to take a photo and I almost didn't.... Luckily I did under duress because I have been drawn back to looking at these so often, and am smitten with the idea...

I am very tempted to get a cake similar to this for the wedding, two tier, deliciously iced in light pink.. with SPRINKLES! (adorable) and I can pop my lil wedding toppers on the top... they are almost ready.... a bit of wedding headwear, a base etc....

Unfortunately the gloss on the sign yellowed and I need to repaint that! (those I have shown claim they don't notice, but it's pretty damn obvious to me!)

Lp's tux is a teensy little sewn tux made from a fabric which almost had a pinstripe through it.

(I don't share this blog with my friends, so I'm not going to spoil the surprise for anyone when I start posting all these things...)

To continue my thoughts about cakes.. I saw this particular cake on the awesome website, oncewed.... this website is the best wedding discovery I have made, and I see myself pinching many, many ideas from it's excellent examples! When I run through the weddings I wish I was doing a Portland, Oregon, woodlands themed wedding! (a lot of the contributors tend to be from there, and favour that look!)

Anyways slightly more accessible is this cake... the toppers are similar to mine, and the cake looks so deliciously edible! I am all over a light pink and lavishingly iced cake. Yessssiree!

We started distributing our Save the Date cards yesterday at Byron's BBQ. The girls were particularly fond of them, and with all the rough handling I am absolutely shocked they were still in one piece at the end of the day...

It's Easter Sunday and the boys are watching the football. I have spent the whole afternoon washing & cleaning. I discovered a closet full of mouldy-smelling beach towels earlier (effect of the floods I missed, being overseas!) including my favourite Missoni beach towel. I am now on a mission to get them all back into tip top shape.

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