Friday, April 2, 2010


Apparently this is Milwaukee.. I would not know, as I only saw the city by night!

We did a quick trip from Chicago to Milwaukee to play a show at an awesome Milwaukee Pool Hall called The Bay View Brewhaus.

We got stuck into a beer, (which was quite possibly my favourite of the trip), called New Glarus Spotted Cow. It came with an orange slice, and was refreshing and delicious... and alarmingly drinkable!

You are allowed to still smoke inside in Milwaukee .. it was such a bizarre blast from the past that I needed to grab a ciggy and take a shot..

Hanging out pre- show.

When on the road, I no longer had a Georgie to take photos of the band, so there is no record of us on stage post- New York (although I've noticed music blogs have pics, so I need to do a bit of a round up!)

Here is VeryTrulyyours... who were wonderful, once again. I had drank so much of the New Glarus that I was pretty keen to DANCE! Yup, she who never dances- took over the dance floor. Big Scott took video footage of this... something I may wish to never see!

It was only a moderately attended show in the end. I think it was on a Sunday night... there were guys who'd driven from way out of town to see us. That's why I feel bad that I got SO drunk and SO sloppy. My timekeeping left a lot to be desired (I am told post- show!)

In the car on the way home, ID and I turned into the "Ying and Yang of drunks"... ID was DEMANDING that we stop for cheeseburgers immediately, whilst I was begging sweetly that I needed Cheeseburgers or I "couldn't handle the drive" ... of course as soon as we got our cheeseburgers (and had annoyed the crap out of the boys!) i passed out in the car... only to wake up back in Chicago with an unwrapped cheeseburger in my lap.

I was told the following day, and multiple times throughout the rest of the tour, that we had been "extremely annoying" HAHA. We had to apologise to members of the other band who drove back with us in the car for being "shitheads". Ahh... ROCK N ROLL !

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