Friday, May 7, 2010

Charcoal in MY wardrobe!?

This afternoon I found myself under pressure in Sambag, when I stumbled across a shoe style I mildly interested in, however aparently it had "sold out accross Australia... one pair left in your size". I had seen a similar pair in Gorman last week, however struggled to walk in them. This Sambag pair of lace up booties seemed so reasonable and day to day in comparison.

I went for a walk, and came back.. still unsure.

The reason for my hesitation was entirely about the colour. Black and stone was sold out.. what was left was a Charcoal feltish wool blend .. a colour and fabric I reserve for arty 50 Year old women in unconventional knitwear and loud specticles.

I gave in, and now they're in my room, awaiting their first attempt to match to an outfit... they are cross between Clarks (inlcuding the signature rough rubber sole) and every other pair of shoes I already own!

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