Friday, May 7, 2010

Make up Trial

So I had my makeup done professionally tonight at a studio in Armadale.

Let's face it- I am a fussy, fussy girl, with some very specific make up requirements. In fact, so specific that the idea of anyone else doing it for me has always seemed quite ridiculous.

I decided however that I would let go on this occasion because I'm a bride to be, and brides always look amazing with their make up done professionally.. I'd get them to do my wedding make up when I was blown away by the results.

This was the source of my inspiration...

Photos are sourced from the amazing Bridal accessories site.

And here are the results..

If only i were still young and fresh!

I've been told you're supposed to take photos after to see what you look like and if it's working... flash included...

I dunno... i think it's pretty heavy for daytime wear, but then again that's kinda what I wanted. The skin assessor commented on my large pores (just what we love to hear! haha). I'm going to buy some fake lashes and give it a whirl myself.

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