Saturday, February 27, 2010

Save the Date

Well, I'd be saving the date if we knew what it was!

Fridge magnet Save the Date cards with Stubby pin moveable heads.

I've started working on some wedding stationary for our wedding, and am very into a vintage Valentines Day card theme. Think...

After receiving a (reasonably dull) Save the Date in the mail recently I got inspired to make ours. I have no idea what the date is yet (sometime in October)

These are all rough versions, printed on my crappy inkjet... once on a good card, with a good laser print, i think they'll hopefully look super.

Still working on the final mechanism/ picking the outline.. Brown card outline:

We come together in a kiss!

White outline.

Black outline - done in texta, which is why it's looking a bit dogy!

Think I'll go with number 1 (brown outline) + White save the date banner. I spent all night downloading awesome fonts, only to find none of them would install. It was quite disturbing as Asian characters kept appearing when I'd open the zip .ttf folders! (yeep) I scanned them all with spybot so hopefully nothing dodgy!!


Cotton Socks said...

these are super cute!!!
i totally agree with you
brown outline with white save the date banner
your so darn creative. you should be an artist.
or maybe you already are? hahaha i have no idea.

how is the venue search going?

Are people already asking you when you plan to have kids?
If i hear " whens the date?" or " whens the baby?" one more time i think i'll scream.

ponytrot said...

I really love them Jules supa cute!!!

Can't wait for my invite ;) hehe