Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Whiteley..

I painted this in a rush. It's a (not great) copy of a Whiteley... I am planning to almost tesselate these big canvases on the wall once i have a whole collection of them.

We also went house hunting yesterday.. this house was in Buninyong St, Yarraville.. location location! But check out the interiors.. it was in need of so much work that my head was spinning.

The creepy VHS collection...

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Cotton Socks said...

It's so funny we both use the same face masks.
We buy a lot of the same things.
its spooky!
btw i love your gorman yellow shoes
they are awesomeeee

what is this room generation movie?
i feel left out. i have to google it.

good luck with the house hunting!
how excited! and up coming NYC trip is double the excitement!