Friday, November 20, 2009

The New Chad

George and I went along to the opening of Chaddy's new wing on Wednesday night. It's lovely, but it had the atmosphere of Topshop & the crowds to match. I guess it's obvious that a Shopping frenzy feels at odds with a Chanel store.

The queues.. check out the one for Louis...
I did love this LV bag on display..
Whilst there I bought this Camilla & Marc for Sportsgirl top. It's gorgeous. I have had my eye on it for months, it had just been reduced by 50%, then by 20%. I ended up paying 80 odd for it, which seems such a great deal!

Lilac w. multi colour sequin. Pretty frill trim, probably a feature that's exactly what I don't need- fattening!?
I wore this out to Georgie's going away drinks last night at the Windsor Castle. Holy moly did I get drunk! I was a bit of a sore mess at work today. Too Tired. I can't go out like I used to, that's for sure!

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Cotton Socks said...

i wish they were doing lines when i was at chadstone. they were just letting everyone in so when u were in the store you could hardly move. it was stupid.

is that your new wang coco duff bag???!!!
i love it
the gold studs against the black.
arghhh best bag!!!

did u end up recieving the YSL ring? i was at cult status a few weeks ago and tried on the 8 and it didnt fit!! like i have fat ass fingers .. ughhhh i cried