Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tsumori Chisato Socks

($56 socks)

I'm experiencing a mild panic about the launch, which is coming up NEXT WEEK! Seeing the rsvp's on facebook & the faces coming along is starting to make me nervous. I want to wear a dress, a colourful dress to suit the occasion. I found a few on the Leona Edmiston website i thought could be suitable, then i stumbled across this one on ebay which was about to finish so i bought it. I already have a Leona frock from years ago which was patchworked with the same floral- and whilst it's still in my wardrobe, of course, it's too small!

The forecast for next week is going to be mid 30s at the start of the week ! What if it gets hotter and hotter, oh my god i would die. I am so pale and foul... what if it's a stinking hot night and Im all sweaty and frizzy when we play!? ahhh so many what ifs....

So here's the dress i just bought as an emergency. I pre-ordered the JC 99 wedge booties, but I won't have them in time to wear.

My fear is that it will arrive and I'll think it looks "tired" (im worried about the cut of the sleeve) in which case Ill whack it straight back up on ebay. I guess it's not a bad work dress...

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cool socks..

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