Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Buzzcocks Gig!

On Saturday night Lps and I went to see the Buzzcocks. They were awesome! So tight and energetic (like youngins!). They had a drummer playing for them, who made me feel like a fraud, but the strange thing is he looked identical to Andrew G! Now that is a strange look for a punk band, right?

I finally pulled out the ol' (read that- brand new) Primark floral rainjacket! I couldn't believe the weekend downpout, it was amazing + awesome, but a slight headache in regards to keeping dry. Let's face it, keeping dry was never going to happen. In fact this jacket turned out to be made from completely UNwaterproof fabric (not even water resistant) and it basically worked as a cucoon around my sopping wet clothing.

2 chords in a fight erupted behind us! haha. How good is that! I felt so of the era.

Now i strongly feel that the Corner Hotel needs to bring in a team of engineers to fix the slight problem of the pole, in the VERY MIDDLE OF THE STAGE!

Yup, it was just too packed to find a new spot, so we battled with this..

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