Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hello! My name is Jeffrey Campbell 99 Booties.

They finally arrived!!!

Introducing the Jeffrey Campbell 99 Wedge Booties.

It felt like the longest postage period of all time, despite only being a couple of weeks. I was so excited to rip open the box and get the booties on my feet, they're perhaps half a size too large. ..

It's a whole new world walking on a platform, a world Im not familiar with!
Will I be a towering giant when I stand next to the boyfriend?

Not quite sure exactly what Im going to wear with these.
Clearly not the outfit I wore today ..

Hmm... any ideas?


Emma Skye said...

Wow! Cute shoes. I really like them. Cool blog by the way x

Cotton Socks said...

love these boots!!
they're not too busy which is why i love them.
nice and simple black boots
they look comfy too.

Name: JaHaute said...

they look good on your foot? do you still like them after having them for a whiel now? i'm thinking of getting them or the Topshop April Wedge in black? whacha think about those?

let me know on my blog plz toocutemagazine.com

Name: JaHaute said...

Finally got the Topshop April wedge in blk after reading reviews that the jeffrey 99 was too hard on the toe