Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Love them Jewels!

It’s a House of Harlow onslaught recently.

Having caught the first glimpse of the new collection, I must say I am still very much a fan of Ms. Ritchie’s work! Whilst it’s got a much younger feel than the first collection, and not quite as chic (Im still hankering for some of the leather pieces) I'm still pleasantly surprised.

I am a big fan of peacocks, keys, multistrands and horseshoes…. Everything her new jewellery is about.

I just got one of the silver Tiffany key necklace last Friday online, so Im going to skip the keys altogether (I think keys are almost a little bit ‘late’).

I LOVE the peacock cuff, you could wear this with no other jewellery.
The peacock necklace is also adorable (but I wont get it as I foresee Diva ripping off this one big time so Ill stay away)

The horseshoe necklace is sweet, and what’s more it’s good luck. I want this for a layering piece!

I am procrastinating at work.. quite clearly….

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