Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Styling advice for Sass and Bide

Here's my iphone not being a biatch for a change... Quad cam lanterns @ Lucky Coq last night!

I can't believe the wild weather overseas, and wonder if andy will make it home for christmas.. In the meantime we're out drinking and dining alfresco! woop.

It's been a mega hectic week so far. My mouth and mind are meeting A LOT of alcohol in celebration. Don't expect that to change for at least a couple of weeks, then it's diet to the maxx!

Anyways yesterday I wore my new Sass and Bide snakeskin dress with the lowest back in the worldto meet linda for afternoon drinks @ Temperence. It's a cute dress, i think it will turn out really useful, but it does require a lil bit of maintenance. Day 1. (last week) I wore it with a singlet underneith- and Im pretty sure there was a gap between singlet + undies (bad look- thankgoodness i was wearing a cardigan!)

The girls in sass and bide and their styling tips. Wear it without a bra! Wear it with just a bra! neither of these looks are going to work for me, but here I am in the sass and bide school of styling... Dress + crop top style bra.

They talked me into 2 extra purchases "for the same price as a bodysuit" ! so i bought two of the sheer tees, in black and white.. not sure which suits better, but Im convinced they are super versitile, and will match lots of my clothes!

w. sheer black, knotted.

w. sheer white, knotted (need to work on that knot!)

Dunno what's going to make this dress work best.. any advice!?

In other more festive topics, i put a wreath up on the gate, and can't believe it hasn't been swiped as yet- have been expecting to find this on the train tracks every day by some lil shi!ts using the side path!

Mum brought these beautiful roses over, i've caught a photo of them right on the way out!
She's also gone to the trouble of scrapbooking our American press for the album, how adorable is this.. and scrapbooking!?
Am now sitting in wait of my YSL arty ring, it's 'on board with courier' but where!? ahh... what if im not home!? omg want the ring so bad pre chrissy!!!


Cotton Socks said...

flaWe have the same dress. I blogged about it a while ago


but its hard to tell what im wearing in the photo.
we styled it the same way too!
i tied a knot to make the sass&bide pocket tee a crop tshirt.
i always wear my S&b black rats with this dress because of the low back. its really annoying. especially because my lower back is deathly pale.
it looks odd.

Cotton Socks said...

ok i dont know why it says " flawe" at the start.
its supposed to say "We have the .....

Julia Svenson- Haart said...

Yes! I remember seeing this post...

I like the dark a lot, probably more flattering (i can feel my hips getting bigger and this dress probably doesn't help!)

I find it crazy long too.. and i am tall! When i first tried it on, it didn't have the knots, and i was so confused!

i wore it today with the white tee, but black is definitely better! thanks for the tip!! We should line our wardrobes up side by side, hehe, how hilarious. Same stylins and everything!! ;)