Sunday, December 20, 2009

New, New + a jumpsuit!

This past week I have been on a MAJOR spending spree.. i have about 5 new dresses & assorted other goodies and can't wait to post them all!!! Unfortunately my camera is still MIA, so until I get a new one, the fuzzy quality of the iphone will have to suffice.. here's a few newbies..

Here is the Brigid McLaughlin dress, i like to consider this my 'investment piece' of the summer, although it makes me feel a bit older/ like a sensible grown up, it's still pretty gorgeous. I have taken to wearing it back to front (as displayed on the website). If you wear it the right way around it has a huge bow- but the neck is super high - making me feel older yet again!

The jewellery.. incl the House of Baulch tusk i bought in Echuca last week.. I have grown to love it more than i thought I would!.. very good layering piece..

In Sportsgirl, everything already reduced, was further reduced by 50%... that means this Minty Meets Munt cropped jacket was an absolute BARGAIN, how could I not get it.. it even has diamonte buttons on the sleeves!!

I think it's a good one for Summer nights.. although I don't know how to get my head around purple, as it makes everything feel like a school uniform!

Now i love a playsuit and a jumpsuit.. but I'll admit the idea of wearing one sends a considerable amount of fear through me! What if i lose confidence half way through the day- but i was stuck wearing it ALL DAY. Conjuring up the confidence I gave this Witchery peach floral jumpsuit a go...

So here I am ... contemplative photo in the changeroom. Amazing colour? peach- tick! Decent shape- tick. Not a silky underpants revealing fabric? tick! It's everything I've ever wanted in a one piece, and what the hey- now it will be mine!! Back home...

Ignore the pout..

Ok, there's a whole lotta stuff i got to get up, but I'll save this for over the next week, whilst Im home from work- YAYYY!!!!

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