Thursday, December 3, 2009

Brigid McLaughlin

Kaleidoscope Drawstring Dress

Every morning I drive past this beautiful dress in the window of Who Fish Boutique in Malvern Rd.

Damnit, I had become obsessed, so I decided to bite the bullet, and fork out the cash, and have a good Summer dress option for years to come.

It's by the designer, Brigid McLaughlin, who I found out used to be the Head Designer at Lisa Ho. Makes sense, it's Lisa Ho-esque, but with a cooler, less motherly twist.

I finally got home after a marathon session at the hairdresser (she appears to have done my hair dark grey.. not the lovely bright blonde I was hoping for...(I wish Caroline my colourist would come back..) Anyways I tried the dress on, and I feel like Im swimming in it! The elastic around the waist is loose, I can't 'style' it, as it's just hanging... might try and get a smaller size first thing!

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